Mr. Pahl's World History Syllabus, Bartlett High School, 2005-6

Bartlett High School

World History

1st Semester Syllabus, Fall 2005-6, Periods 1, 2, and 6

Instructor: Larry Pahl       Phone: 630-372-4700 extension 4093       Free Periods: 3,4      Home phone: 630-550-4111      E-mail:

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World History is a one year elective course that covers the history of the world’s major civilizations from the dawn of history up to the present time.


The course covers the following areas: Thoughts on pre-history, ancient civilizations, classical civilizations, the rise of new empires, the medieval era, the early modern era in Europe, and developments in the 20th century.


Surveying the great civilizations in history's annals is a powerful cornerstone of a complete education.  To know how the people of various cultures and eras have responded to the problems that confronted them can help the individual student to gain breadth of personal judgment and insights into practical, political and personal action in today's world.  Strive to make the most you can of this educational journey!

It is intended that the objectives above will be achieved through the largely traditional means of reading, writing, discussing, thinking, and analyzing in individual and group situations.  As in any course, but especially a virtual one, each student must take personal responsibility for his or her educational growth. Throughout the learning process in the various parts of this course, the Illinois Learning Standards for high school students of world history will be covered, namely:

STATE GOAL 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of … nations.



The school theme of "mutual respect" is the governing concept in the following class rules:

These rules assume that the main purpose of this course is for education. Therefore, every student in the class should be attempting to do their best.  That is the academic expectation.  The behavioral expectation is that each student should be helping other students do their best.  Talking without being recognized by the teacher, disturbances, sleeping, laying one’s head on the desk, non-responsiveness, disrespect, are examples of actions out of step with these rules.

Consequences. Before and after school detentions, referral to the deans, conversations with parents are the consequences that will follow infractions of these rules, not to mention the natural negative consequences which result from failing to live up to a high academic ideal.


A. This class will use the following grading scale:

Homework daily assignments, 50% 
Quizzes and tests, 25%
Project(s) and the final, 15%
Attendance, in-class contribution and participation 10%.

C. The following considerations are used to grade every assignment which is turned in to Mr. Pahl:

E. Extra Credit Policy. Except for extra credit that might be part of any homework, quiz or test, no extra credit will be allowed while the student still has class assignments not yet completed.  If all required assignments have been turned in, any student desiring extra credit can arrange for it with Mr. Pahl. The rubric for points to be issued for any approved extra credit work will be issued at the time Mr. Pahl approves the extra credit request.

F. Accepting Late Work, Make-up Policy. I will accept work that is late, but its grade will be reduced up to 50%. Some assignments will NOT be accepted late, and no assignments will be accepted after corrected papers have been returned to other class members. If a student is absent, it is that student's responsibility to find out what work was missed. 

G. Attendance Policy. Attendance is part of the grade in this class. (See above). District U46 is committed to the philosophy that "Daily attendance, contribution, and participation are necessary for the successful completion of student course work."

H. Cheating. Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero on the assignment for the first offense. If there is a repeat offense, the student will be referred to the dean’s office and parents will be contacted.


The class website can be found at Class information, announcements, syllabus and other important information can be found there, including access to the students grades…