BHS CIVICS Calendar 2017
Mr. Pahl, 2nd Semester, 2016-17      Contact Mr. Pahl


January, 2017

9-13  P-Daddy Time
16 No School

  • ML King, Jr.Holiday
17 18 Cocktail Party!!

  • Play:
  • TRUMP Inauguration
  • Inauguration of seating in C328
  • Clever--> Newsela, sign into Civics
  • Read and take quiz, "Traditions of Presidential Inaugurations"
23-26 Monday-Thursday  FOUNDATIONS 27

  • TEST on the podcasts covered in notebook assignments 1-5.
  • You CAN use your notes on this test.
30-31 Mon-Tues 

February, 2017

(Jan 30-31 above)


Test essay question-------->

PLEASE put your computers back where they go, using the power cord that goes with them. Are you heading to college or junior high?

Feb. 1-2  ROOTS
  • PLEASE take this survey!!
  • Notebook assignment #9: Take notes on the assigned reading in the online Magruder Government textbook. ("Text 1. Origins of American Constitutional Government.")
  • Here is the essay question for the test this Friday:
  • Pick one or several of the actions taken by President Trump since he took office, and analyze it (them) on whether or not it is(they are)  in harmony with the roots of American democracy.
  • You can write this essay ahead of time or at the time of the test, due at the end of the period Friday.  Share with Mr. Pahl hard copy, email, or Google doc. (15 pts.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Notebooks are due next week

  • TEST on the podcasts covered in notebook assignments 6-8.
  • You CAN use your notes on this test.
  • You can do the essay question during the test, or bring it in completed.
Mon. Feb. 6 Tues-Wed. Feb. 7-8  POLITICRAFT

  • Notebooks due:
    • Tuesday: Period 7.
    • Wednesday: Period 8
  • We will play PolitiCraft in groups on Tuesday and Wednesday.
9 Be a student judge on election day, Tues., April 4, 2017: 10 CAP Projects
13-14 UNIT 3 Political Beliefs

15 16

  • CAP PROJECT PROPOSAL due, 10 points
  • Contact Michael Cohen from Hanover Township for doing something at OPEN GYM for CAP...


20 No School

  • Presidents' Day
  • Notebook #13: Watch/take notes on these two podcasts about elections:
  • last 10 min. each period (first 10 of 8th) today: scholarships
  • ACLU presentation, A307
  • Notebook #14: Take notes on this presentation OR
  • Report on any First Amendment story on this website...



  • TEST on the podcasts about Elections
  • You can use your notes
  • If you choose to work with (1) partner, you must also summarize what student rights are in the area of dress, speech, or newspaper: Answers go here.
  • P-Daddy on alcohol, college, and the Academy Awards
  • Go through Clever, to get to Newsela. Read the assigned selection, take the quiz, and answer the questions...
  • TRUMP speech!
  • CAP Project Proposal...what you gonna do? (Zeroes)
  • ISSUES-U-46 School Board Election
    • Transgender Bathrooms
    • Transparency - what are their secrets?
    • Taxes - how does U-46 get its money?
    • The curriculum

U-46 Board Candidates for 4-year terms: Incumbents Donna Smith, Veronica Noland, and Cody Holt. Also Melissa Owens and Enoch Essendrop.

March, 2017

  1 2
  • BHS Auditorium for Music from BHS musical groups
3 No School
  • Kane Co.
    Institute Day
6 UNIT 5 - Federalism and the Structure of the US Government

We may have a speaker this week. If we do, you will not use the computers on those days.  

  • Mr. Pahl will talk about the upcoming U-46 school board election
  • Question
7-9 Federalism and the Structure of the US Government

  • Thursday: U-46 School Board Candidate Forum, U-46 Educational Services Center, 355 E. Chicago St., Elgin. 7-9pm   Other forums...
  • NOTEBOOK Assignments this week:
  • ASSIGNMENT. (10 points) Register to vote.  (Register to vote online! through 3/19) To get credit for this assignment:
    • Show P-Dad evidence of your registration!
    • Show P-Dad an ID that indicates you are too young to vote
    • Write out an explanation of why you are not registering
10 Local Government

  1. This test is in two parts.  Part 1 is assigned to you in the Magruder textbook.
  2. TEST based on the podcast and text readings to the left, including the U-46 school board election
  • You CAN use notes on the test
13-15 CONGRESS CAP proposal  ReCAP
  •  To get credit for your CAP Project, fill out and post the ReCAP doc...
  • Because of this extra requirement, CAP Projects are now worth 75 points.

Do these Notebook assignments for use on the test on Friday:
  • Did anybody have Dennis Bednarz at Eastview? Tell PDad
  • Guest speaker Amber Licquia, IIA presentation, no computers
  • U-46 Candidate Forum, Gail Borden Library, Elgin, 6:30pm
17 End of 3rd Quarter

  • TEST on Congress, you can use notes.
  • NOTEBOOKS DUE, all Periods!
  • U-46 School Board Candidate Forum, Wayne Township
20-21 Philosophical Chairs 22 23

  • CAP Project plan, design
  • Look ahead to Constitution TEST after Spring Break, April 12
27-31   S  P  R  I  N  G    B  R  E  A  K !!!

April, 2017


5      Seniors not in attendance...
  • Visit a college!


PlayPosit Constitution Podcasts



PlayPosit Constitution Podcasts



PlayPosit Constitution Podcasts


11 12 

13 The


14 No School

17-18 CAP Project Work Time 19 20
  • In the Heights, BHS Spring Musical
  • Meet in class for attendance, proceed to auditorium
  • BUDDY people, check feedback on your presentations...
24-25 The Presidency

26 27
  • Terrorism Field Trip- Benedictine University



  • Students who went on the field trip to Benedictine: Do only part 2 of the Presidential 2 assignment:
  • Presidential Assignment 2 due.

May, 2017

1-2 The Court System

  • The Courts - The Judicial Branch - take notes on the podcast
  • TEST on Wednesday
  • TEST on Judicial Branch. Based on the podcast... You can use notes


No School

  • Institute Day

8-9 Prepare for Moot Courts

10-11    Moot Courts
Wed., May 10 Thurs., May 11
First half of class:
Bethel v.
First half of class: 
Westside v. Mergens
Second half of class: 
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier
Second half of class: 
Wallace v.
12 Begin US Foreign Policy Unit


15-16 U.S. Foreign Policy

  • Watch and take notes on the Foreign Policy podcastNote: Besides taking notes on this podcast for the test, you will need this info for the Final Project, due at the final.
  • Mr. Pahl may add another assignment which will also be on the Wed. test
  • TEST on Foreign Policy podcast, you can use notes
  • Next up: foreign policy projects which will be your final exam
18-19 Foreign Policy Project

  • State Department teams. Links are also there to the Google doc your team will submit for the final exam.
  • Your Foreign Policy Project will be your final exam.
  • Your Syrian Civil War briefing
Monday, May 22    FINALS! Tuesday, May 23
  • 3rd, 5th, and 7th CIVICS. Mr. Pahl will return to you a scenario or a response to your plan turned in yesterday. Your response, due at the end of the period, is the 2nd part of your final exam.
  • Underclass finals, periods 2,4,6,8
  • Senior failures must be given to counselors by 4pm today.
  • Plans, good bye
  • Underclass finals periods 1,3,5,7
  • Half Day
  • Senior Recognition Assembly
  • Graduation tomorrow, Saturday May 27 --->
29 Offices Closed
  • Memorial Day


  • Last day with students, PBIS Activities
  • SIP Day for teachers