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August 2017

    Aug 16-18
  • P-Dad talks about important stuff, HAPPY HOUR Social Skills, Senior assembly
  • Mr. Pahl, with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to the left, shows videos and talks about important things... :-)
  • Who wants to be a page for Mr. Pahl either during 1st period or 4th period? Do you have a 1st or 4th period study hall?  See P Dad!
  • Due Wed. of next week... (10 pts.) Send me something electronically about yourself... Due by next Tuesday... (Use hashtag #pdad10 on social media)  Be sure to tell me what kind of music you like, what artists or band, and what your current favorite song is.

    • Twitter: @Mr_Pahl

    • Facebook: facebook.com/mr.pahl

    • Instagram: @itsp_dad

    • Email: larrypahl@u-46.org

    • Text: 630-400-5132

  • Get your GOOGLE Act going.


Don't forget!

  1. Watch the two podcasts: and
    1. Theories for how government first originated and
    2. A Review of Chapter 1
  2. Take notes on them- these notes are your first 2 notebook assignments
  3. Get something electronic about yourself to P Dad
  4. Respond to the email that P-Dad sent to your U-46 gmail account (it's a 10-point assignment!)
  5. Get ready for a game we are going to play tomorrow based on Games People Play... the Rules...

Games People Play Class Activity

  • (DUE TODAY:  Send P Daddy something about yourself, electronically)
  • Rules...
  • Polleverywhere game polling spot...
  • If you are texting...text LARRYPAHL441 to 22333
  • Then use 1,2,3,4 or 5 to vote for who you are voting for...
  • 1.Horse Trading
  • 2.Walkout
  • 3. Power Struggle
  • 4. Demolition Derby
  • 5.Civil Disobedience
  • Who wants to be a page for Mr. Pahl either during 1st period or 4th period? Do you have a 1st or 4th period study hall?
    See P Dad!
30, Wednesday


31, Thursday



(See below for September 1, Friday)


September 2017

Roots of American Democracy     Roots of America Assignment....

September 1, Friday

TEST on the podcasts about power, comparing governments, and economics

  • You CAN use your notebook notes on this test.



  • No School!

5-6  Tuesday and Wednesday: Roots of American Democracy.
7 Thursday

  • Notebooks due next week.
8 Friday

Test on Roots of American Democracy.

11 Monday   
  • Plickers Group reading assignment
  • Notebooks due this week!
  • 2nd per.-Mon.
  • 3rd period-Tues
  • 5th period-Wed
  • 7th period-Thurs
  • 8th peirod-Fri.
12 Tuesday


  • 3rd period notebooks due



13 Wednesday
  • 5th period notebooks due
  • REGISTER TO VOTE Assignment!
    • Tuesday, Sept. 27 at BHS Cafeteria during all lunch periods.
    • You must be
    • a US citizen
    • be 18 by Nov. 8
    • have last 4 of SSN, or Drivers License number, or IL state ID number


14-15, Thursday-Friday      7th Period notebooks due  

  • CAP Project overview, Mr. Pahl
    • I Will do Something
    • Social justice, non-profit work
    • Humanitarian work: soup kitchen, animal shelter, senior center..
    • BUDDY Program

16, Friday, Constitution Day

Plicker Group Quiz on UpFront readings

  • 8th Period notebooks due


  • UNITS 2 AND 3. Active Citizenship and Political Beliefs Collate your group competition entry.
  • Take this Pre-Test on Liberal/Conservative issues. Your score does not matter, just see how much you know...
  • Do notebook assignments #11 and 12 to find out where you are on the political spectrum.
  • Here is a link for I SIDE WITH for Notebook assignment 11.

TEST on Liberal and Conservative Positions and the Chap. 7 Podcast.


No School - Institute Day

26-29   Mid-Term Election Simulation

           Mr. Pahl will give an overview of this simulation...

  • You must register to vote  *   Who wants to run for Congress?  *  How will you reach the voters effectively? 
  • Do you want to work for the media?
  • There will be primary elections in each state to determine who the Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress will be. Do you want to run? Make a short speech
  • Candidates and your staffs: Get your campaigns organized, plan! How will you reach the voters in your state?
  • Media people: Get your TV stations up, your newspapers started, get the links added to the Media page... Get your coverage organized!
Tues 26

Pick you track:

  • Work for your Republican candidate
  • Work for you Democratic candidate
  • Work for the media (cable, radio, TV, newspaper...)
Wed 27 Thu 28 Fri 29 Virtual Debate #1

October 2017

Oct. 2-6     Mid-Term Congressional Election Simulation

Oct. 2 Mon Oct. 3 Tues
  • Virtual Debate #2
Oct. 4 Wed Oct. 5 Thu.
  • Virtual Debate #3
Oct. 6 Fri.

Oct. 9-13  UNIT 5: Structure of Government



Legislative Simulation


  • You are a congressman
    • in a bill-writing group..you must choose the topic of your bill, set a space for your bill online, write the bill
    • on a committee...you will be hearing two bills on this committee. You must do research on these bills


  • Legislative Simulation
  • #BHS2016Leg
  • Rough draft of bill due online Thursday night...use the bill template and be sure to put your link on the master bill page


  • Committee hearings in the auditorium, 2nd period.
  • Prepare to present your bill before the full session of Congress, if your bill passed.
  • If you bill can be amended, work on the revisions
  • Do research on the two bills before your committee


  • No School

November 2017

October 30
  • Speaker to have finalized the order that bills will be taken up before the full Congress tomorrow...


Oct 31
  • FULL SESSION of Congress in auditorium, periods 1-2
  • Self-evaluations of Legislative Simulation due...
  • Feedback about the simulation: feedback
  • BUDDY Schedule
  • BUDDY people, get with your group and watch this short BUDDY tutorial
  • (BUDDY people, bring Mr. Pahl a jump drive so he can give you the PowerPoint!)
2-3  The Presidency
  • VOTE in the BHS Mock Election!
  • Notebook assignment #19: Take notes on the Presidency podcast. 
  • Presidential assignment, due Monday, 15 points.  Pick a story from the New York Times, Tribune, Daily Herald or the Japan News which mentions President Obama. 
    1. Give the reference for the story (where it came from),
    2. tell what the story is about in a few sentences, and then
    3. say what ROLE the President is playing in the story. (The roles of the President are explained in Chapter 13 and also in the Chap 13 podcast and here.)
  • VOTE in the BHS Mock Election!
  • TEST on the Presidency Podcast
  • You can use your notes on this test
  • Presidential assignment due
No School
  • ELECTION DAY, 2016!!




 Nov. 9-10  COURTS
  • BUDDY Program - Thur Nov. 10
  • Notebook assignment #20. Take Notes on Chapter 15.2-5 The Courts on Teacher Tube on YouTube
  • Notebooks for 8th period due
  • TEST on the Judicial Branch. Based on the podcast about Courts. You can use your notes


  • Notebooks due periods 2 and 3
  • Preparation for Philosophical chairs tomorrow
  • Google doc link
Nov. 14 Nov. 15-16-17
  • Preparation for your Moot Court Cases
  • Go to Google classroom and use this code to register for the class "Civics with P-Dad": iyx8az


20-21  Moot Court Docket of Cases:
Monday Tuesday
First half of class:
Bethel v. Fraser
First half of class: 
Westside v. Mergens
Second half of class: 
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier
Second half of class: 
Wallace v. Jaffree



NO SCHOOL 22, 23, and 24

27, MondayUNIT 6, The Constitution of the US 28 Tuesday


29, Wednesday 
  • Watch and take notes on the Podcast on the Amendments.
  • Watch and take notes on the podcast on the Flag Code.

December 2017

For your notebook due
Notebook Entry Based on this podcast
1. Overview  podcast on the Overview
2. Article 1   podcast on Article 1
3. Article 2  Article 2
4. Article 3  Article 3
5. Articles 4-7  Articles 4-7.
6. Amendments  Amendments
7. Flag Code  Flag Code.
8. IL Constitution  the Illinois Constitution.
9. Trump not a king  ...coming...

F L A S H   Cards for the Constitution Test

1 Thursday 1Friday
  • Watch the Podcast on checks and balances built into the Constitution, and take notes on it. There will be a 5-point short answer question on the Constitution test based on this podcast.
  • REVIEW (list of podcasts) for the Constitution Test
  • Civics Field Trip to the Dirksen Federal building


  • P-Dad Constitution TEST.
  • You CAN use your notes
  • Constitution Review
  • Constitution Test (NO notes!)
  • Civics Notebooks due  (40 points)

7-8,UNIT 7, The U.S. and the World

  • Read the story "PRO/CON: Should President Obama move quickly to annihilate ISIS?" assigned to you in Newsela. To access Newsela you need to go through Clever (Login with your U-46 assigned Google account) and answer the 4 questions there (worth 10 points)
  • Use the New York Times (name and password is 200295079) search function to look for articles that will give you more information about a strategy for opposing ISIS.
  • DUE AT THE END OF THE PERIOD ON FRIDAY (25 pts.): With your partner, produce a position paper for President Trump (Mr. Pahl) on a strategy to deal with ISIS. The paper should take into account the following items:
    • Should we destroy ISIS militarily?
    • Should we put troops on the ground in Syria, Iraq, and other places where ISIS is entrenched?
    • What are some of the physical considerations of a ground war with ISIS?
    • Who should we partner with in the West and the Middle East to oppose ISIS?
    • What has the Obama administration policy been toward ISIS? What have been the results of this policy?
    • You might look at some of President-elect Trump's new cabinet members who have military backgrounds to see what their advice will likely be to Trump in this area.
  • This paper can be turned in as a Google doc, handwritten, or computer-generated. All sources should be cited. TITLE: "Top Secret Strategy Toward ISIS"

11  The US and the World
12 The US and the World
  • TEST on Foreign Policy Podcast...
  • AFTER you turn in the test, work with a partner (not 3 or 4 people! partner means 2) to act as Senators to decide if you will confirm President-elect Trump's choice for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  List possible reasons FOR and AGAINST his appointment, and then register your decision.
13-15 The US and the World
  • National Security Council "Situation Room" Scenarios
  • You will be placed in a group and have some research to do to make recommendations to the President
    • WED. - Your group does research and prepares your recommendations for the President.  These must also be turned in HARD COPY to the President at the time of your presentation. Become experts on the intel on the handout your are given.  You need to also do some research today to find out what these things are:
      • The National Security Council
      • The "Situation Room" in the White House
    • THUR and FRI - Simulation of the Situation Room, where you will make your recommendations. You must turn them into the President (Mr. Pahl) in HARD COPY. (20 points)
  • Study Guide  for the final exam (You CAN use notes on the final exam...)
18-19 20-21-22