Find Yourself:

  • We learned from John Coyle: know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Then ignore your weaknesses and work on your strengths
  • Help identify your passions and talents
  • To help you become the best you, for yourself, those around you, and your family to come
  • America is best when its citizens are the best
  • You are encouraged to explore these tests and activities to learn more about yourself.  But your are not being assigned anything.
  • Record the following things in your Civics notebook  as Notebook Assignment #1a.
    • Take one of the personality tests,  and record your results.
    • Write down the keywords or short phrases that your friends use to describe you
    • What is your Two Mindset evaluation of yourself?
  • Make a copy of this Google doc, fill it out, and share with Mr. Pahl
  • Look at all of the exercises and tests on the FIND YOURSELF page linked above, including this Google doc
  • Do most of them and prepare a Google Doc, or hard copy paper of at least 3 pages in which you organize the results of the inventories you took.
  • These results should be used to explain how you think you can use them to help guide your future career and college plans. Remember what we learned from John Coyle. Build on strengths, don't waste time on weaknesses, other than to be aware of them.
  • Be as specific as you can in the plan you lay out here, showing you are taking into account what you have learned...This is like an initial blueprint for the rest of your life!
  • See Mr. Pahl