Games People Play



  • To win, your team must get a majority of the votes when we vote.
  • Winning team members get an "A" (4).  They can deputize any other group with an "A" also, anyone that helped them win.
  • Every other team gets a "B" (3).
  • UNLESS the majority of any team leaves the room at the same time.  Then the game is over, and EVERYONE gets a "0", an "E".
  • Winning team members also get a total of 30 P-Daddy bucks (not per person) , to keep for themselves or to distribute to whoever they want. Sometimes Mr. Pahl also gives candy to the winners... :-)
  • The moves you make in the game must roughly fit the game you have been assigned.  For instance, Horse Traders must make moves the reflect horse trading.  Power Struggles moves must be Machiavellian, etc.
  • You can study about your game on pp 11-14 in Chap 1 of our book.
  • Votes will be taken periodically throughout the game.  If no group gets a majority, the game goes on...
  • The game is over when one group gets a majority of the class votes.
  • Only votes coming from count.
  • If some students think that the group that won did not roughly follow their assigned game, they can protest to P-Daddy.  P-Daddy will decide about the appeal... the game may go on, there may be a penalty, or the game may stand with them as the winner...