Directions: Each of the links below is to an editorial piece, someone stating their opinion on something. The job of your group is to decide if the opinion stated in the editorial is

                   A. Liberal     B. Moderate    C. Conservative     D. The writing doesn't really have a political slant.

  1. Franklin Floyd, The Senate
  2. John Hyland, Sen. Schumer
  3. This political cartoon about commercials that CBS aired
  4. This Gaggle cartoon
  5. Cartoon about Obama
  1. Jacquelyn Wilson, Obamacare
  2. Wayne Lela, LGBT
  3. Cal Thomas, Betsy DeVos
  4. Politics News, Starnes
  5. Cartoon about Republicans
  1. Libertarian
  2. Gun control piece
  3. Cartoon on taxes
  4. Pres. Trump wage cartoon
  5. New Study cartoon