Tell Mr. Pahl a story about yourself


ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW (with goals and objectives):
  • To begin communication with your teacher. To give you a chance to reflect on your own life.
  • The story must be sent electronically to Mr. Pahl


  • Fill out this form with a very short story (1-3 sentences?) of yourself.
  • Share a Google doc with Mr. Pahl in which you give a summary of your life in a paragraph or two, centered on a singled theme that you think represents the essence of your life.
  • Design a creative way to give the story of your life to Mr. Pahl electronically.  Do not organize your story by simple chronology, but rather by something else.  Themes, injuries, major insights, friendships...??? You also should use social media with hashtag #myPDadStory
  • See Mr. Pahl