Presidential Assignment  
  • Watch The American Presidency podcast to find out the various roles held by the President. Some of them are:
    • Commander in Chief
    • Chief Diplomat
    • Chief Citizen
    • Manager of the Economy
    • Chief Legislator
  • Due: Tues, April 25
  • Worth: 25 points. 
  • Format: Handwritten, Word attachment to email, or shared Google doc.
  • Directions:
    1. Find a news story (not a commentary) about President Trump
    2. Give the reference for the story (where it came from) at the bottom of the page,
    3. In the first paragraph tell what the story is about in a few sentences, and then
    4. in the second paragraph say what ROLE the President is playing in the story. Explain why you think his actions in your story are fulfilling this role.