ROOTS of American Democracy Assignment

Due: , 20 points

After you have learned about the roots of American democracy (Christianity, Judaism, , classical Greece and Rome, the Enlightenment, Founding Fathers, etc., through the podcasts...) it is your job (with one partner if you like...) to search CURRENT stories in either the Daily Herald, The Chicago Tribune, or the NY Times (The New York Times.  Username and password: 200295079) that show evidence of these roots in America now...
  • Mr. Pahl may direct you to certain specific articles...but if not, you can pick any article from the Daily Herald, the Chicago Tribune, or the New York Times.

Worth 20 points, due ... write out in a Word document or a Google doc about the story or stories you picked from the Herald or the NY Times, and tell how they show evidence of some of the roots of American democracy.   Be sure to make reference to which story or stories you chose, which issue they are from, and how they show evidence of America's roots in democracy.

Submit this to Mr. Pahl as a Word document in an email attachment, or as a shared Google doc.  (Mr. Pahl will also accept this turned in as a hard copy document, printed on computer paper, or handwritten.)