Forms of Gov Practice

Match each form of government with the correct statement below
Single-party state
Parliamentary Democracy
Presidential Democracy


You want a form of government where the political leader of the coutry is elected by the people, and which has an elected legislature. Which one do you pick?


You want to get things done in your country as fast as possible, with as little dialogue as possible so that things are not slowed down. You engage in a coup, a forcible takeover of the existing government, with yourself as the leader. What form of government do you have?


You want to govern your country the way Benito Mussolini did. You want everyone serving your country, loving the military, you want to control all of the news, and you will have your opponents beaten, bombed and terrorized. You have a police state, also known as ___________


You believe your ethnic group is superior and you persecute other ethnic groups like Jews. You allow only one political party. You aggressively expand your territory. What kind of totalitarianism do you have?


Only the Vatican and Iran have the kind of government you want. You want God’s law obeyed. You want people punished who do not follow God’s ways. What kind of government do you want?


You love the writings of Karl Marx because you want equality and economic security for everyone in your country. So you want the government to control everything. What kind of government do you want?


You like the government of Vietnam which has only one political party. You want to be one of the elite leaders that control the party because you do not want to concern yourself with what the people may want. What kind of government do you want?


You want to be one of the legislators of your country, so you can choose your political leader. You want to be able to vote the prime minister out with a vote of no confidence. What kind of government do you want?
Which is it? Choose Market, Command or Neither for each of the choices below...
Market Economy
Command Economy


A country with a mixed economy


An economy where decision making is done by custom and tradition.


In this kind of economy people’s incomes are about equal.


A weakness of this kind of economy is that it has greater unemployment.


Private ownership of property and production equipment is the heart of this kind of economy


There is little if any competition among producers for customers in this kind of economy.


People that have this kind of economy enjoy a higher standard of living.


The government makes the decisions in this kind of economy.


Producers and consumers determine what kind of goods are produced in this kind of economy.

Short Answer


Iran and North Korea both have nuclear weapons that could threaten the world.  They both have governments that are run from the top down, very autocratic.  We have a democracy in the US.  Given the two different government styles, autocratic (Iran, N. Korea) and democratic, what are some problems that would need to be overcome for us work to defuse the threat of their nuclear weapons?

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