BHS 1st and 3rd Qtr TARGETS

TARGET 1. I can compare and contrast the characteristics of the major forms of government in the world.

TARGET 2. I can name and compare the economic systems in the world.

TARGET 3. I can explain the concept of the social contract embedded in the Declaration of Independence.

TARGET 4. I can identify several ways in which citizens can become active members of society.

TARGET 5. I can list the steps in the voting/ registration process.

TARGET 6. I can distinguish between the two main ideologies on the American political spectrum.

TARGET 7. I can identify some factors that influence one’s political beliefs.

TARGET 8. I can identify the types of political elections held in the United States.

TARGET 9. I can explain the role played by the two major political parties in the U. S.

TARGET 10. I can identify external factors that can affect the outcome of an election.

Note: this is the revision by the ABC Civics team Bartos, Pahl, Pflueger Aug. 24, 2010. It combined targets 1 and 2 from the previous version and made major revisions to (previous) targets 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11.