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                     Sem 2 2013-14                      
Date Assignment
Tuesday, April 1

A New Day in C328!

Wed April 2
  • Continue working on above assignments...
Thu April 3
  • Continue to work on Chapter 13
  • BUDDY people meet with Mr. Pahl
Fri April 4
  • TEST on the Presidency.
    Chapter 13, sections 3-5.
Fri Jan 10


  1. Get your online textbook going!
  2. Start Crack the Code (with a partner?)

Crack the Code= 20
Story of My Life=20

First Lab, Welcome!

  • Set up an online account for your school textbook, Government Alive! You need to put in P-Daddy's email address: and then join the correct class (Civics4, Civics5, or Civics 7) Be sure to remember the Username and Password you set for yourself
  • Once you are in the online textbook, start looking through Chapter 1, and then, with a partner if you want, do the Crack the Code Challenge
  • It is due Next Wednesday at the end of the period...  (This can be done with a partner, but if you work with a partner you have to inform Mr. Pahl, and sign in with him...)
  • The Story of My Life. Enter yours at the Unit 1 Foundations Forum on Moodle. (use your ID # as username and your 8-digit birthday as password)
W Jan 15
  • P-Dad's Power Drawing:




How you feelin' P-Dad?



Power! Chap. 1

  • Work on election day and be paid, with excused absence from school. Must have a B average.  See Mr. Pahl for an application.
  • Financial Aid Night. Wed. Jan. 22, 7pm
  • Apply for You(th) Decide: A High School Forum on the Supreme Court.   Student Application Form
  • Finish the Crack the Code game at the end of chapter 1 of the online textbook. You can work with 1 partner.  If you do, sign in with Mr. Pahl. Due by the end of the period. Use Chrome browser.
  • When you finish Chapter 1 Crack the Code, you can begin on Chapter 2's Challenge Assignment, The Matrix of Knowledge. (It will be due at the end of the lab period next Wed.)
  • We will have a TEST on Chapters 1 and 2 on Friday, January 24.  To see if you are getting this stuff here are two practice tests you can take - these will give you an idea of what to expect on the Chapter 1 and 2 tests.
  • Playing games instead of doing Civics = lose participation points
W Jan 22

  • Mr. Pahl is looking for a page 3rd and/or 8th period.
  • See Mr. Pahl if interested...

Comparing Govs! Chap. 2

  • The Matrix of Knowledge is due at the end of the period. You can work with 1 partner.  If you do, sign in with Mr. Pahl. Use Chrome browser. Due by the end of the period.
  • Notebook assignments...get #1-3 done before the test!
  • TEST on chapters 1-2 on Friday...STUDY GUIDE!
  • Here are two "practice tests": many of these questions will be on Friday's test:
  • If you finish the Chapter 2 Matrix of Knowledge, you can begin the Challenge assignment at the end of Chapter 3: Crack the Code.  It will be due at the end of the lab period next week.
Wed Jan 29



Chap. 3 - the Roots of American Democracy

Thu, Feb. 6

TEST-Chap. 3 Tomorrow

Wed Feb 12

Active Citizenship

  • Do the Matrix of Knowledge for Chapter 7, Citizen Participation in a Democracy. You can work with a partner; be sure to sign in with Mr. Pahl
  • OK, it's time to commit. What are you going to do for your CAP Project? (Citizen Action Project). It's worth 50 points, and is the "test" for Unit 2.CAP Project Proposal. What is public policy on your project idea? Your proposal is worth 10 points.
  • IDEAS for CAP Projects...
  • FIELD TRIP! Please note: The next field trip challenge is the % of students in each Civics class that have turned in a CAP proposal by the end of the school day tomorrow, Thursday.  Highest % gets a win!
W., Feb. 26

Political Beliefs

  • You have a test tomorrow on political beliefs.  To be successful on this test, you need to understand the difference between liberal and conservative beliefs.
  • LIBERAL. <-----------> CONSERVATIVE. Liberal views are considered being "on the left", Conservative views are "on the right"
  • Do you know the difference?  See how you do with this pretest.  How did you do?
  • After you take the test, check your answers:
  • Get with a partner, and quiz each other on each of these political issues as to whether they are liberal or conservative:
    • Favor abortion  (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor gun control (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor an amendment to the Constitution to make burning the American flag unconstitutional (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor taxes to fund welfare programs (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor the death penalty (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor limiting environmental regulation (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor removing the minimum wage. (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor the right to own guns with few restrictions (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor banning the death penalty (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor giving people the freedom to express themselves by burning the flag if they choose to (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor environmental regulation (Liberal or conservative?)
    • Favor lowering taxes (Liberal or conservative?)
W March 5

  • Remember P Dad's offer if you vote in the March 18 primary.  Get an A on any test from the semester.  Decide ahead of time which candidate you will vote for and tell Mr. Pahl why....
  • 1st Amendment CARTOON CONTEST..


Wed, March 12

VOTING (Mar 18)

  • Check to see if you are registered to vote (if you live in Cook County)
  • Check here if you live in DuPage county.
  • Students can take part in Early Voting through Saturday, March 15 at sites throughout the county. However all voters taking part in Early Voting need to show a government-issued photo ID. Public school IDs are accepted, but private school IDs are not.
  • Students who failed to register earlier can still take advantage of "Grace Period Registration" through Saturday, March 15th. During the grace period, students must register and vote at the same time..

Primary Election coming...

  • Who is going to be on the primary ballot? Remember, you have to ask for a Republican or Democratic ballot when you go to the polls...
  • Due at end of the period, 10 points.
  • For extra credit P-Daddy Buck$, turn in at the end of the period on Wednesday: what Republican candidates are running for governor, attorney general, the Congressional District you live in (find out!), and the state Senate district you live in (find out!).
  • Don't forget Mr. Pahl's offer of an A on any test if you vote in the primary on March 18, or if you vote early (see sidebar to the left...).
  • Since part of getting the A is to tell me somebody you voted for and why, you might want to do a little research on the four Republican candidates for Governor, so you can decide which one you are going to vote for...
Wed Mar 19

Congress - Chaps 11&12

  • Take the tests on Chapter 11 and 12..(Sign Mr. Pahl's sheet if you take it with another student...two people only, no credit for three...)  (The two purple icons on the right in the picture above of the TCI online text are where to click to get to the two tests...) Should be completed today (they count for 10 points each), will help you for the actual test...
  • Write your reaction to the LINK presentation yesterday. (Pick the course Flipped Civics!) Say what your emotional and cognitive reaction was.... (10 points, due by the end of the period.)
  • On Moodle, you can also tell Mr. Pahl 1 person you voted for and why here, if you voted in the primary yesterday...and generally reflect on the experience...



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