Civics NOTEBOOK Assignments. 2015         ...

Make sure you have all of these in your notebook, NUMBERED and NEAT!  I suggest that you start a new page in your notebook for each assignment.  Don't squish.  Give yourself room to work.  Design!       and neat!

Notebook assignments 1-3 for Chapter 2: Types of Government and Economic Systems

1.  Take notes on the first podcast for Chapter 2, which reviews the prevailing governments in 4 periods of world history:
2. Make a chart of the strengths and weaknesses of the 7 Forms of Government in the World Today...(Based on the podcast about the 7 forms of government.)
3. Take notes on Podcasts 2.4 and 2.5, about Power Distribution and Economic Systems.

Chap. 3 Roots of American Democracy

4. Take Notes on this Podcast: Chap. 3, section 1, Vocabulary (Teacher Tube, 4 min.)
5. Take notes on this podcast: Chap. 3, section 2, Religious, classical, English and Enlightenment roots of American Democracy (Teacher Tube, 14 min)
6. Take notes on this podcast: Timeline chart on pages 42-43, (Teacher Tube, 3 minutes)
7. Take notes on this podcast Chapter 3, Sections 3-6 (Teacher Tube, 14 min.)

Chap. 5 The Bill of Rights

8. Take notes on this podcast:  The Problem Incorporation Solves

9. Take notes on this podcast: Story of Incorporation

10.  Take notes on this podcast: 5.3 Supreme Court Cases on the First Amendment

First Notebook Turn-in  - First 10 notebook assignments DUE... Week of Feb. 9-13

Chap. 10, Elections

11.Watch and take notes on Podcast:
12.Watch and take notes on Podcast
13.Watch and take notes on Podcast: