Civics NOTEBOOK Assignments. 1st Sem. 2016-17        

Make sure you have all of these in your notebook, NUMBERED and NEAT!  I suggest that you start a new page in your notebook for each assignment.  Don't squish.  Give yourself room to work.  Design! Make it look nice, so you can read it later. Take pride in your work!      and neat!

Chapter 1 - Power!

1. Take notes on the podcast about the theories for the origins of government
2. Take notes on the podcast that summarizes Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 - Comparing Forms of Government

3. Take notes on the podcast on chapter 2, section 2: Teacher Tube: Forms of Government in 4 Eras of World History
4. Take notes on the 2.3 podcast: 7 Forms of Government in the World
5. Take notes on the 2.4 podcast: Distribution of Power
6. Take notes on the 2.5 podcast: Economic Systems


Getting ready for the election...

 Whose government would be better?


7. Go to Upfront magazine online (student password is pdad1), read the article entitled, "What's at Stake?", about the Presidential election between Hilary Clinton v. Donald Trump.
  • Make a chart set up like the one below and use it to compare the views of Clinton and Trump by describing their views on the issues listed (Be sure to give your chart a TITLE!):
The Economy    
US Role in the World    

Podcast notebook assignments for chapter 3

8. Take notes on the podcast on 3.1, vocab Chap 3.1 vocabulary. (Here is another link: YouTube on 3.1)

9. Take notes on the YouTube podcast about 3.2: Chapter 3.2, The Roots of American Democracy(15 min)  Other link.

10. Take notes on this podcast about the timeline on the bottom of pages 42-43 in the textbook: Foundational Concepts of American Democracy  

     ------------------------------First notebook Turn in-----------------------------

  11. Take the I SIDE WITH test and see which candidate you come closest to in terms of your belief.  Write out an organized narrative that includes the following items:
  • Which candidate you are closest to?
  • What party is this candidate a member of?
  • What are a few of the main positions this candidate has on issues?  Do you agree with this candidate's positions?
  • Explain what you were thinking and how you felt when you found out which candidate you were like?
12. Take these political surveys to find out where you are on the liberal-conservative scale:

After taking these tests...

  1. Write down your results, as far as where you are on the left-right, liberal-conservative scale, for each of these tests.  Give clear results for each of these tests...
  2. Then write a SUMMARY paragraph where you EVALUATE how accurate you think these results are for you. Do you agree with their assessment of you on the liberal-conservative scale?
13. Take notes on the Podcasts on Chapter 7, and also the podcast about liberal-conservative positions:


UNIT 5 Begins
  • Chapters 11 and 12 on the Legislative Process
14. Take Notes on the Organization of Congress (10 min, 2013)  Teacher Tube 11.3

15. Take Notes on the work of Congress. (6 min, 2013) Teacher Tube 11.4

16. Take Notes on the Committee work in Congress (5 min, 2013) Teacher Tube 12.3

17. Take notes on Debating and Voting in Congress (7 min, 2013) Teacher Tube 12.4

18. Take Notes on the Final Steps - Law-making Process (5 min, 2013) Teacher Tube 12.5

  • Chapter 13, The Presidency
19. Take Notes on the Chapter 13.3-5 Podcast about the Presidency  (10 min., 2013) on Teacher Tube
  • Chapter 15, the Courts and the Judicial Branch
20. Take Notes on Chapter 15.2-5 The Courts on Teacher Tube

  • The US Constitution

Take Notes on the Overview of the Constitution (9 min.) on School Tube on  Teacher Tube

Take Notes on Article 1 (9 min) on School Tube

Take Notes on Article 2 (8 min.)  on School Tube
Notes on Article 2...

Take Notes on Article 3  (6 min.) on School Tube

Take Notes on Articles 4-7 (5 min.) on School Tube

Take Notes on the 27 Amendments (15 min.) on School Tube

 Take Notes on The US Flag Code on School Tube

Take Notes on the Illinois Constitution (9 min.) on School Tube