Notes on Article 2, The Executive Branch


The President- Stuff to know!

•         Must be 35 years old

•         Native-Born (Born in the USA)

•         Have lived here for 14 years

•         The people closest to the President, who advise him, are called his CABINET.

•         What does the U.S. Sec. of State deal with?

•         Presidential Succession:  Pres, VP, Speaker-House, Pres Pro Tem

•         538 electoral votes total – need 270 to win

•         Can only be elected twice (10yrs) - 22nd Amendment says so!


Article 2 - President’s Duties

•         Is commander-in-chief of the armed services.

•         Alone makes treaties with foreign nations (must be approved by 2/3 of Senate)

•         Gives yearly “state of the union”

•         Appoints ambassadors, judges of the federal court system, members of the Cabinet, and other federal officers, must be approved by the Senate (majority.)

•         No Senate approval needed for the VP or Chief of Staff  


The Electoral College

•         Number of members of the House PLUS the number of Senators (2) equals the number of Electors each state gets in the Electoral College

•         The candidate who receives the most popular votes gets all the states electoral votes.

•         Thus the Electoral College is based on the “winner-take-all” principle.  

•         It is possible for a Presidential candidate to get more votes from the people but still lose the election because of getting fewer votes from the Electors.

Sample Questions:

1 Which is NOT a duty of a Pres?

•         A. Declaring war

•         B. Making treaties

•         C. Appoints federal judges

•         D. Can veto acts of Congress


2. What is the maximum number of years a President can be in office?

•         A. 8 years

•         B. 10 years

•         C. 12 years

•         D. There is no limit…

3. A President must be a resident of the U.S. for at least how long?

•         A. Must reside in the US from birth

•         B. There is no requirement for length

•         C. 14 years

•         D. 10 years

4. Which is the correct order of Presidential succession?

•         A. VP, The Attorney General, Sec. of State

•         B. VP, Sec. of State, Pres Pro Tempore of the Senate

•         C. VP, Speaker of the House, The Pres pro tempore of the Senate

•         D. VP, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate


 5 Which is TRUE of the electoral system?

•         A. 598 total electoral votes

•         B. In most states, candidates split the electoral votes, based on how much of the popular vote they got in that state

•         C. To win the Presidency the candidate needs to get at least 270 electoral votes

•         D. The candidate with the most popular votes wins the Presidency


6. How many total Electoral College votes are there?

•         A. 538

•         B. 270

•         C. It depends on how many Representatives and Senators there are, which changes every census.

•         D. 12


7. Which branch of the government has the most employees?

•         A. Executive branch

•         B. Legislative branch

•         C. Judicial branch

•         D. The Congress


8.  The body which impeaches

•         A  House of Representatives

•         B  Senate

•         C  Quorum

•         D  Elastic Clause

•         E  Ex Post Facto

•         F  Habeas Corpus