Mr. Pahl, 2nd Semester, 2016-17   ................................................................


January, 2017

9-11 Mon.-Fri.  BUDGET CHALLENGE 12-13
  • Going to college...or ?
  • Interview 3 classmates you don't know. Find out their plans for next year.  If it's college or some other kind of school find out how they plan on paying for it...
  • You will report the results of your interviews tomorrow, either in an email to Mr. Pahl, a shared Google doc, or live in front of the class. (This assignment is worth 20 points and is due by the end of the period on Friday)
  • Take the MILLIONAIRE quiz with your group... You can get DOUBLE CREDIT for up to 5 of the questions (but you LOSE double if you get it wrong...)
16 No School
  • ML King, Jr.
  • Sign up (NEW, sorry!) for HR Block Budget Challenge...(Link and class code to the left...)
  • Nine leaders will sign up for the Stock Market game... see Mr. Pahl
  • Take this survey, answer honestly
  • Finish Go exploring if you haven't yet...

Play: Unlikely Hero


  • SET SEATING and computers!
  • 9 group leaders
  • Stock Market register
  • Budget Challenge
23-26 Mon-Thurs. P DADDY $ Get paid by PDad for all of the following:

New Assignments:

  1. Notebook assignment #1. Look at the Assignments you have in the Gov book. Take notes in your Economics notebook on the reading "Democracy and the Free Enterprise System".  There will be questions from this reading on the test Friday. ($10P to use notes on the test).
  2. Notebook Assignment #2. Watch and take notes on this podcast:  Economics - Some Early Thinkers and Their Effect in the Present. $5P
  3. Notebook Assignment #3. Watch and take notes on the podcast about the Three Major Economic Systems in the World Today. $10P
  4. Notebook Assignment #4. Draw in your Economics notebook the chart that results from playing the interactive "game" about the three types of economic systems.  This is assigned to you when you go to the Gov book) $5P
27   TEST

  • TEST on everything covered this week. Costs $25
  • Use notes $10
  • Collaborate $5/ea
30-31 Mon-Tues  Make Some Money!

  • Get into Infinite Campus successfully $5P
  • History of Money worksheet alone or with a partner (not 3 people) $5P
  • Show P-Dad you are making progress with H&R Block Budget Challenge
  • Give me (individual or group) something on bottom of the "context for the beginning of the "science of economics." $5Peach
  • (TEST on Friday... check out the cost$!)

February, 2017

(Jan30-31 above)

2 3
  • TEST on everything covered this week. Costs $25
  • Use notes $10
  • Collaborate $5/ea
6 7 8-9
  • Writers Week sessions


  • Buying Securities from P-Dad Group
  • Your $
  • Pitch P-Dad $
  • Group leaders- Stock Market Game.
  • Friday test, take as a group.  Group must pay $100P. Collaboration built in
    • $125P for group members to be able to use notes.
    • Test will be on anything Mr. Pahl talked about this week, including Mr. Wittstock's presentation.
20 No School

  • Presidents' Day

21-24 Personal Finance




27-28 Personal Finance  

March, 2017

  1 Personal Finance 2
  • music!! in the auditorium

3 No School
  • Kane Co.
    Institute Day
6-9  Understanding Money, Stocks, Bonds
  • Mr. Pahl will go over more money concepts... take notes if you want to use them on the test...
  • By end of period Tuesday, make some investments:
  • Stock Market Game Login
  • Good place for stock charts. IBD
  • NYSE stock charts
  • Cost of this test: $100P / group----->


  • TEST on Personal Finance, Chap. 12...

13-15 International Trade

  • Amber Licquia, guest speaker
  • No computers
17 End of 3rd Quarter

  • TEST on Chap. 18, Trade
  • $P50/person or $125/group
  • Focus on Investing and your H&R Block Budget Challenge
21 22 23 24
  • Whose stock pick did the best? (P-Daddy lunch!)
27-31   S  P  R  I  N  G    B  R  E  A  K !!!

April, 2017

  • Sapling online book Chap. 17 The Federal Reserve System and Monetary Policy?
  • What is Fiscal Policy?
  • Do Modules 50, 51 and 52


  • Seniors off... visit a college!
  • Work on College Budget Project, worth 100 points in gradebook... costs $P100
  • Doing Modules 50, 51 and 52 (in Sapling online book Chap. 17) is part of the test...(you can do them ahead of time...)
  • Research stocks that you think might be going down...
  • No Computers:
  • Tim Sattley, VP, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


14 No School

  • Good Friday
17-19 College Budget Project

24-25  BUSINESS Organization
  • Economics Textbook, pp. 206-225 (Chap. 8 in Unit 3)
  • Things to do to make $P:
    • Any of the workbook pages: 76-84
    • Sec. 1 Review Questions, p. 212
    • Make vocabulary flash cards for sections 1,2,3
    • Sec. 2 Review questions, p. 216.
    • Sec. 3 Review questions, p. 223
  • Other ways to make $P: Report on anyone who founded a business, how they did it, Do a story of a company you like
  • Mr. Pahl live lecture (or podcast) about chapter 8



  • Topic: What is a business that I could start? Dream big. Think bold. After you get your schooling, what is a business you could start?

  • What: Personal statement

  • Format: Handwritten

  • Worth: 20 points

  • Due: at end of period

  • Cost: $5P


  • QUIZ on section 1, pages 206-212
  • (no cost)


May, 2017

1 BUSINESS Organization


  • Test, Wed., $50P
  • Make some $!
  • Study the text!
  • Watch podcast!
  • Help starting business Take notes, make graphs, charts, Prezis, PowerPoints from these for $P.

on Business Organizations, 206-225

Catch-up, Make-up day.

  • Take tests you missed, make $P
5 No School
  • Institute Day
8-9  Financing College Debt

  • Group assignment - Answer the 15 questions about the 3 students financing college. 30 points due Thursday at end of the period.
  • Join "P-Dad Economics" with code 26XAX7N Sign up...
10-12  Student Loan Debt Crisis
  • Group assignment. Report on the depth and nature of the student loan debt crisis. The quiz.
  • Due on Friday.
  • 50 point assignment.
  • Cost $25/person in the group.  (The whole group must have the money before credit is given for the assignment.)
15-16  Finish Student Loan Debt Crisis

  • Finish and turn in Student Loan Debt Crisis assignment.
  • Take the quiz. Mr. Pahl has a hard copy for the test if you'd like.
17-19          Should I Go to College?

  • Counting the Co$t. A Resource for high school students considering college, put together by students in Mr. Pahl's 2nd period Economics class at Bartlett High School
  • Costs:
    • $80P to have the work you do for this publication count as a Final Exam.
    • $25P Grade Insurance
    • $50 Get one grade higher
  • Once you have paid for the final exam:
    • $75P - $10 gift card to place you choose
    • $200P -Dinner and movie w PDad and 2 of your firends
22 23 24 25 26
  • Graduation tomorrow, Saturday May 27 --->
29 Offices Closed
  • Memorial Day


  • Institute Day