College Budget Project

ITEM Explanation
  • Goal and cost. Yearly costs involved at your college of choice (X 4). Tuition, housing, books, food, fun
Make a spreadsheet with all of these costs... Be sure to indicate what field of study you will be taking, and what career you envision preparing for...
  • TOTAL COST FOR 4-5 years of college
Multiply your yearly calculation by 4 or 5, depending on the likelihood of how long it will take you to graduate in your program.
  • Who is paying for this college cost?
We will assume that YOU are paying for this cost, unless you have data to show otherwise.  Show the total bill that you will be responsible for of your college debt.
  • Likely job you will have after graduating...
This must be based on data that you show.... In other words, what % of graduates actually get a job like this?...
  • Alternative.
In case you don't get the big job, you must show Plan B.  What if you can't get a "good job" in your field? What job will you likely get?  This must be an hourly wage job that you could likely get. How much will you make at this hourly wage job per month?
  • Your costs after graduating from college.
You must make up a budget for a likely situation you will be in the first 5 years after graduating from college.  Living with parents?  Living with friends? Living on your own?  A budget must be made for your likely living situation over the first 5 years after graduating from college.
  • Show the overall timeline
Make an overall chart/graph/visual showing the total horizon of time necessary to pay off this college debt.
  • Parent signature
Your parent(s) must sign off on all your calculations above.