BHS Economics, Mr. Pahl

I am your teacher this semester, Mr. Pahl. Somehow I have picked up the nickname "P-Daddy".

That's me, on the left, with Dr.Zahi Hawass, the world's most famous archeologist.  We are standing between the paws of the Sphinx, one of the world's great mysteries.

Notice that I am dressed like Dr. Hawass.  Denim shirt. Felt hat with leather band.  I did this purposely. Trying to get close to him.  It paid off.  Ask me about that.

So I went exploring with Dr. Hawass, and then by myself. (see photo below...) In that photo below I am with the pyramids of the 5th dynasty, which are closed.  You are not allowed to go there.  There is no official way to get there...You could be arrested.  Yet. There I am.  On an adventure.  Exploring...

I have been inside every one of the major pyramids of Egypt. Exploring. I hope to write a book about that in my retirement.  So...

Do you want to go exploring with me this semester?  That is a serious question. To which I expect a serious answer. And so this is an assignment in this course.

Send me an email, or a shared Google doc, in which you answer that simple question.: Do you want to go exploring with P-Daddy this semester?

Remember what it means to explore.  It means to go somewhere you have not gone before, and then try to learn things once you are there.  So I will ask this simple question, your first assignment, once more: Do you want to go exploring with P-Daddy this semester? In this Economics class.  Go places you have not gone before, trying to learn what you can learn.

Be honest in your response.  Maybe you don't want to go exploring.  You have senioritis and you just want to get out of here... Maybe you are not sure.  Who is this guy?  Where will this exploring get me? What are the rewards and/or dangers.  Or maybe. Just maybe. Maybe your answer is a radical


Maybe you really DO want to go exploring.  To go to places you have not been.  To learn things you have not known.  To come out smarter, and braver, and more mature.   So... what will your answer be to P-Daddy on this assignment???   Send P-Daddy that email, would you please???