Economics NOTEBOOK Assignments

1st Sem. 2017-18        

Make sure you have all of these in your notebook, NUMBERED and NEAT!  I suggest that you start a new page in your notebook for each assignment. 

D o n ' t  squish.  Give yourself room to work. 



Make it look nice, so you can read it later. Take pride in your work!      and neat!

1. Make a chart in your notebook which displays the 2 strongest arguments FOR an increased minimum wage, and the 2 strongest arguments to NOT increase the minimum wage.

2. Write out the "solution" or "solutions" that your group came up with for the problem of "The Real Cost of Cheap Fashion". (Each person must write out the solution in their notebook, even though you worked on it together...)

3. Watch and take notes on this podcast:   
4. Watch and take notes on this podcast:
5. Design and draw a chart that compares daily life for the Maori in New Zealand (Traditional), North Korea (Command economy), and Great Britain (Market/Mixed). See your textbook for information for this case study. You probably need 4 columns in this chart, 3  for the 3 country/economic systems, and 1 with the comparison categories. Good comparison categories to use: Average income, Amount of choice in choosing jobs, amount of goods and services available
6. Take notes on Mr. Pahl's talk, Sept. 12, about the difference between socialism and communism.
7. Take notes on this Podcast: Guns v. Butter
8. Take notes on this Podcast: Stocks and all of that..
9. Take notes on this Podcast: Trump and Free Trade
First notebook turn in #1-9
10. Take notes on Mr. Pahl's presentation about the Elgin Watch Company
11. Watch, then chart, the 4 financial videos. (Summarize them in a chart like the one below...)
Video Summary of their $ decision What you could learn from this personally