What to Know for the Forms of Government Test

Comparing Forms of Government

    Ancient: City-states and Empire
: Greece-Rome: Direct Democracy (Greece) and Republic (Rome).  A republic is a representative democracy.
Middle Ages: Feudal then Absolute Monarchy
Revolutionary:  Constitutionalism (Democracy) OR Totalitarianism

  1. Monarchy

  2. Dictatorships (North Korea)

  3. Theocracy (Vatican City, Iran)

  4. Single Party State (Communist, Syria)

  5. Direct Democracy (none)

  6. Parliamentary Democracy (Britain)

  7. Presidential Democracy (The US)  Chart: Know the strengths and weaknesses

  1. Traditional. Run by custom, tradition.

  2. Market. Free enterprise, competition, freedom

  3. Command. Government controlled and directed.

  4. Mixed. Combinations of Market and Command.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each one from the chart in podcast

1. Unitary.  One single power center from which power flows...

2. Confederal.  Many regional centers that give a little power to a (weak) central government that mildly binds them together.

3. Federal. Both central and regional governments have power.


1. Hitler, Nazism, Germany

2. Mussolini, Fascism, Italy

3. Stalin, Communism, Russia